Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to Consume More Content

Here's an easy way to read 50 blogs a day, or actually have them read to you. Text to speech software is a rapidly improving technology and there are several good ones available on the web. Natural Reader is one program that offers a free version at their site. Using text to speech, I have been able to consume significantly more online content. The program reads me blogs and articles while I fold laundry or complete other mindless tasks. This can help you learn more valuable knowledge to apply to your work or life.


Ken White said...

Better to check out our product at

More voice choice, and the NaturalReader user reviews at aren't so good.

Tedel said...

The question I'd like to ask is up to which point listening to more information would really allow you to be a more informed man. As you sure already know, many of the things people post on the Internet is... err... you know, not 100% reliable.

You can also learn from chatting or just meditating, don't you think?

Just my humble opinion. =)

Charles said...
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Charles said...

I definitely agree that you can not take everything you read on the web as truth. I see blogs as more of a communication tools from which you can listen to other people's perspectives on the world and business and relate it to your own thinking. I think there are many ways to learn, so my suggestions are just suggestions from what I have found helpful in my life. Chatting and meditating are great ways to learn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!