Wednesday, March 13, 2013

8 Resources for Learning About Retargeting

Retargeting: What It Is & How to Use It SEOMoz
-You can target visitors who have visited a specific part of your site.
-Showing an ad too often can be counterproductive.

5 Tips for Running a Successful Retargeting Campaign (video) SEOMoz
-You can target people who have visited a certain part of your site.
-7-12 times for month is an ideal frequency of banner impressions.
-Rotate ads so they don't always see the same ad.

The Top 5 Retargeting Best Practices PPC Associates
-Monitor Twitter for complaints about the frequency of your ads.
-Not every visitor should be targeted the same way. Look for cart abandoners.

Comparing the Top 4 Retargeting Companies SEOMoz
-Retargeter provides great service but their pricing is aggressive.
-Adroll has a self-service platform and no minimum spend (SEOMoz uses Adroll).
-You should play in site retargeting before trying search retargeting.
-Chango is the only end to end solution.

Search Retargeting: 4 Tips To Use Recency To Drive Performance Search Engine Land
Start campaigns with the longest recency window possible and refine the window over time.

Remarketing Is Now Simpler SEOptimise
-Keep audience duration to a reasonable amount of time.
-Use a frequency cap.

5 Simple Steps To Stop Wasting Budget With Poor Retargeting Search Engine Land
-Search retargeting allows you to target prospects who have searched for a specific keyword in Google or Bing.

2 Pay Per Click Tactics that start making you money right away Lean Marketing
-Since you are buying ads on any site your prior visitors go, the ad inventory may be cheaper.

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